last update: 05-07-2018


The CAST Newsletters were foreseen to inform stakeholders with a general interest in the CAST project. Each Newsletter was intended to have an infographic on the second page which can be best printed on A3 sized paper, the first and third page A4. Five topics were based on the scheduled publications in the work packages Steels, Zircaloy, Ion exchange resins, Graphite and Safety case relevance:

  1. Origin of carbon-14 containing waste
  2. Radiological characterisation of waste
  3. Experimental approach to determine release of carbon-14
  4. Analysis and chemical forms of carbon-14
  5. Quantification of carbon-14 source term for safety assessment


Date Publication
2018-07-05 D 7.22 Newsletter 5
2018-04-05 D 7.17 Newsletter 4
2017-05-08 D 7.5 Newsletter 2
2017-03-31 D 7.12 Newsletter 3
2015-02-11 D 7.4 Newsletter 1
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