last update: 22-07-2018

WP6 Safety case relevance

WP6 Safety case relevance regrouped the Waste Management Organisations (WMOs) participating in CAST with the aim of:

  • combining the results of WP 2 - 5 to deliver sound scientific basis and safety relevant information;
  • considering the CAST results in the context of safety cases;
  • identifying commonalities and differences between national programmes and;
  • providing conclusions and recommendations over possible future studies and orientations to waste management organisations. WP6 will act as an integration exercise to ensure that the results from WP2 to 5 are as relevant to the safety cases for the end-users, the WMOs, as possible.

Published reports are:

  1. C14 in safety assessments
  2. Knowlegde supporing safety assessments of 14C
  3. Interim Progress report WP6
  4. Final report WP6

The last General Assembly meeting has been held in France (Lyon) in January 2018 as the CAST Final Symposium. Presentations from this work package were:

Implications of CAST results on safety assessment and safety case: introduction and focus on disposals in clay formations - Manuel Capouet (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

Implications of the CAST results for the disposal systems in crystalline host rocks - Olli Nummi (Fortum)

The role of 14C for repositories in salt - Integration of the CAST results - Andre Rübel (GRS)

Assessment of aqueous 14C transfer in an Intermediate Level Waste disposal cell - Jean-Charles Robinet (ANDRA)

Current position on 14C in the RWM Environmental safety case - Simon Norris (RWM)

Posters from relevant for this work package were:

Modelling of 14C migration from RBMK-1500 reactor graphite disposed of in a potential geological repository in crystalline rocks in Lithuania

Carbon-14 in UK Geological disposal

Integration of CAST results in the safety assessment for a generic concept of spent fuel disposal in Romania

Preliminary analysis of gaseous 14C radiological impact in a geological repository hosted in salt rock

Integration of CAST results into safety assessment

The sensitivity analysis of the release of carbon-14 from a deep geological repository 

Repository scale two-phase flow migration of 14C in the preliminary design phase of French Cigéo project

Contact: Manuel Capouet

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