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General Assembly

Every year, a meeting with all partners in CAST is organised by WP1. The minutes of these meetings are public available.  The last General Assembly Meeting has been held in France (Lyon) in January 2018 as the CAST Final Symposium. The presentations can be downloaded from this webpage, the posters can soon be downloaded from this webpage. The workpackage specific presentations can also be downloaded from the progamme description of each workpackage i.e. 2 Steels, 3 Zircaloy, 4 Ion Exchange Resins, 5 Graphite and 6 Safety case relevance.  

CAST Project overview - Simon Norris (RWM)

Overview of main WP2 outcomes, summary and conclusions - Jens Mibus (NAGRA)

other work package 2 specific presentations

Overview of main WP3 outcomes, summary and conclusions - Sophia Necib (ANDRA)

other work package 3 specific presentations

Overview of main WP4 outcomes, summary and conclusions - Pascal Reiller (CEA)

other work package 4 specific presentations

Overview of main WP5 outcomes, summary and conclusions - Simon Norris (RWM)

other work packge 5 specific presentations

Implications of CAST results on safety assessment and safety case - Manuel Capouet (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

other work package 6 specific presentations

WP7 Dissemination overview - Erika Neeft (COVRA)

Expert Review findings - Irka Hajdas (ETHZ) & Fraser King (Integrity corosion consulting Ltd)


Date Publication
2018-05-21 D 1.15 CAST Symposium Record & Final CAST Symposium Agenda and Abstracts
2018-04-05 Corrosion behavior of irradiated and non-irradiated zirconium alloys investigations on corrosion rate released species and IRF
2018-02-08 Preliminary analysis of gaseous 14C radiological impact in a geological repository hosted in rock salt
2018-02-08 C-14 enrichment of surface deposits on Oldbury reactor core graphite
2018-02-08 Analytical strategy for the measurement of carbon 14 in alkaline solution
2018-02-08 Identification of chemical form of carbon released from type 304L and 316L stainless steel powders in alkaline and acidic solutions under low-oxygen conditions
2018-02-08 Integration of CAST results in the safety assessment for a generic concept of spent fuel disposal in Romania
2018-02-08 Corrosion tests on non-irradiated stainless steel by hydrogen measurement system
2018-02-08 Carbon-14 in UK geological disposal
2018-02-08 Modelling of 14C migration from RBMK-1500 ractor garphite disposed of in a potential geological repository in crystalline rocks in Lithuania
2018-02-08 The measurement of impurity of RBMK-1500 graphite
2018-02-08 14C leaching and speciation studies on irradiated graphite from Vandellos I NPP
2018-02-08 A study of graphite from RBMK-type reactors
2018-02-08 Carbon-14 release from irradiated stainless steel
2018-02-08 Repository scale two-phase flow migration of 14C in the preliminary design of French Cigeo project
2018-02-08 The sensitivity analysis of the release of carbon-14 from a deep geological repository
2018-02-08 Chemical stability of low moelcular weight organic compounds in the cementitous near field of a repository for radioactive waste
2018-02-08 Carbon-14 release and speciation from carbon steel in highly alkaline conditions
2018-02-08 Integration of CAST results into safety assessment
2018-02-08 Characterization of 14C in neutron irradiated RBMK-1500 graphite
2018-02-08 14C release from steels under aerobic conditions
2018-02-06 Leaching tests and speciation measurements
2018-02-02 Current position on 14C in the RWM Environmental safety case
2018-02-02 Implications of CAST results on safety assessment and safety case introduction and focus in disposal in clay formations
2018-02-02 Implications of the CAST results for the disposal systems in crystalline host rocks
2018-02-02 The role of 14C for repositories in salt : integration of CAST results
2018-02-02 WP7 Dissemination overview
2018-02-02 Expert review findings
2018-02-02 Assessment of aqueous 14C transfer in an intermediate level waste disposal cell
2018-02-02 WP5 Summary and conclusions
2018-02-02 14C in TRIGA Irradiated graphite and its release under alkaline conditions
2018-02-02 Ion irradiation used as surrogate for neutron irradiation to understand nuclear graphite evolution durign reactor operation
2018-02-02 New concept and instruments for 14C measurements in i-graphite
2018-02-02 Oldbury graphite study for RWM
2018-02-02 Overview of main outcomes of WP5
2018-02-01 14C inventory in irradiated Zircaloy
2018-02-01 Overview of main WP3 outcomes
2018-02-01 Possible fate of inorganic 14C released from activated steels under conditions of a geological repository
2018-02-01 14C release from steels: State of the art from Pre- to Post-CAST
2018-02-01 Analytical techniques and their application
2018-02-01 Formation and status of 14C in activated steel
2018-02-01 Overview of Main WP2 Outcomes
2018-02-01 CAST Project overview
2018-02-01 Leaching test and corrosion measurements for irradiated Zr
2018-02-01 Analytical strategy to measure 14C released from irradiated Zr
2018-02-01 Corrosion rate measurements on Zircaloy-4 in alkaline media
2018-02-01 Cementation of SIERs and consequences on 14C mobility
2018-02-01 Particular view of a WMO
2018-02-01 Evolution of IERs
2018-02-01 14C content and speciation of SIERs from BWR
2018-02-01 14C content and speciation of SIERs from CANDU
2018-02-01 14 content and speciation of SIERs from PWR
2018-02-01 Overview of main WP4 outcomes
2018-02-01 Corrosion of zirconium alloys and 14C release from compacted waste
2017-11-04 D 1.8 General Assembly meeting and minutes - Year 4
2016-11-24 D1.6 General Assembly minutes and meeting - year 3
2015-01-15 D 1.4 General Assembly meeting and minutes - year 2
2014-05-21 D1.1 General Assembly meeting and minutes - year 1
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